Genojika as kiddo

Genojika (ゲノジカ?, 4): A bird-based Horror that possesses the body of a gambler named Kid (キッド Kiddo?), using his host to invite various gamblers to an underground casino on an island maintained by his Horror familiars. There, he has the gamblers play a life-and-death poker game where he uses his Joker card to sent his victims into a limbo, where he can eat at his leisure along with those dear to the victim if they borrow chips from the house. However, posing as one of the guests, Kouga destroys the Joker card to release those among the victims still living and then the Horror himself. Kid is portrayed by Kohei Murakami (村上 幸平 Murakami Kōhei?).

Genojika Horror form

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