Garum is the ancient priestess of the Watchdog Center located in the Valiante kingdom.


Garm displays a lazy, bored personality, often seen lounging on a mass of cushions while indulging herself in sweets or taking part in other leisurely activities. Despite being all-knowing of events in Valiante, Zaruba explaining that she talks when she feels like it, Garm has a habit of giving half-truths and ignoring or changing the subject entirely when questioned. This trait shows itself in ways such as mockingly referring to Mendoza as "Mendooza" or allowing him to continue his actions while apathetic to the death toll as she plans to send the remaining Makai Knights and Alchemists to Santa Bard via the Watchdog Center to thin out the Horrors' numbers.


Though she appears in the form of a diminutive, young, white-haired human woman, Garum is far older than she looks and her true form is implied to be fairly horrifying.

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