GARO Project is a band made up of the cast of the Garo series. As a group, they released two singles in 2006 that featured the ending themes of the TV series and the made for TV movie GARO Special: Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun.

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  • Masaki Kyomoto: Producer, lyricist, composer, and guitarist. Portrayed Ryuzaki Karune/Barago/Kiba in Garo.
  • Hiroki Konishi: Vocals. Portrayed Kouga Saezima/Garo in Garo.
  • Ray Fujita: Vocals and chorus. Portrayed Rei Suzumura/Zero in Garo.
  • Mika Hijii: Chorus. Portrayed Kaoru Mitsuki in Garo.
  • Hiroyuki Watanabe: Drums and chorus. Portrayed Taiga Saezima/former Garo in Garo.


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