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NOTE: This is about Garo Armor in Vanishing Line Era. You may look for the armor's information in Crimson Moon Era or The Carved Seal of Flames Era.

Garo Armor
Sword Garo Armor
Zaruba Madou Moto
Sword Battle
Garo's Motorcycle
Golden Knights
  • Zaruba
  • Garoken (牙狼剣 Garōken, Fanged Wolf Sword)
  • Madō Motocycle
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Garo is the golden Makai Armor that specializes in long sword combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Garo the Golden Knight (黄金騎士・牙狼(ガロ) Ōgon Kishi Garo, lit. "Fanged Wolf"). In the series, Vanishing Line, the armor belongs to Sword.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

The design of the armor and equipment as in events of Vanishing Line is partially inspired by Disney's TRON and Marvel's Ghost Rider. Vanishing Line's iteration of the armor is bulkier and mechanical in appearance. The original armor had secret retractable grappling hooks on the back of its armor; this version exposes it. Featured as two trailing tassels ending in sharp blades. When charged with ki (life energy), the armor glows with bright purple/pink accents at times and has red eyes.

Unlike the original armor system though, this universe has a stronger focus on modern technology. While the original had a Madōba (armored magical horse), Sword has his motorcycle and Zaruba. The ring acts as a key and activates the bike. Once loaded into the bike, Zaruba has full control of the bike and acts as its pilot when Sword needs assistance. Because carrying Garoken would be noticeable by civilians, it's usually hidden inside a retractable compartment within the bike frame. When Garoken is needed, Zaruba can position the bike within distance to launch the sword to him. When summoning the armor, that power extends to the bike, giving Zaruba a golden armored form. With it, Zaruba can also engage in combat. However, Garo's capabilities and equipment would go through a major change after Zaruba's destruction.

Zaruba sacrificed himself by ramming the motorcycle into Knight to protect Sophie. The motorcycle was destroyed and half of Zaruba's head was gone. As the ring faded, Sword collected the remains of Zaruba's magic and punched it through the summoning halo of Garo, bonding the remains of its power into Garo, giving it permanent upgraded form. Remaining essence of Zaruba that not bonded with Garo Armor on the other hand, later infused into Sword's reconstructed Madō Motorcycle by Makai Alchemists of Ferre Salé Dessimo, reviving the Madō ring as much more powerful motorcycle who then in time saving both Sophie and Sword from swarms of Horrors at El Dorado.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

  • Garoken (牙狼剣 Garōken, Fanged Wolf Sword): While abilities and appearance of the sword's transformed state remains consistent with other incarnations, Vanishing Line's iteration of the Garo Sword in its normal conditions looked like a large, collapsible greatsword with mechanical design around the size of Garo Sword in original universe when still in Gōki's possession.
  • Zaruba: Horror detector and advisor. Zaruba was originally a Madō ring who also doubles as key for Sword's motorcycle, but after sacrificing himself to protect Sophie, Zaruba and the motorcycle now become one as better Madō Motorcycle upon being rebuilt.
  • Madō Motorcycle (魔導二輪 Madō Nirin)


Variant Description
Sword (Garo-Zaruba) - Close up 1 (Ep 17)

When Zaruba dying as result of sacrificing himself to protect Sophie, Sword collected the remains of the Mado Ring's magic and punched it through the summoning halo of Garo, bonding the remains of its power into Garo. This gives Garo Armor new form where the armor's overall mass and thickness nearly doubled, bolstering its defensive and offensive power that enable him to briefly overpower Bolg and forced him to retreat. Even so, Garoken was yet to acquire new form until it gains modifications by Zaruba.


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