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Garo Armor
Garo Crimson ver.
Golden Knights
The one who inherited the blood destined to seal away Horrors, Garo the Golden Knight!
— Germán Luís

The Garo armor as presented in the anime version GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames and GARO: The Crimson Moon, both entries taking place in the distant past long before the events of the live-action series.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Unlike its live action counterpart, this armor's properties differs from its creation to its various forms. The armor was created by Makai Alchemists to help combat the threat of Horrors. However, when the armor was created, it was magically imbued to only serve descendants of the original user of the armor. In Crimson Moon, the armor came into the possession of the Minamoto Clan and is worn by Raikou.

By the events of the Carved Seal of Flames, only two people in the world could ever don the armor: León Luís and Prince Alfonso San Valiante. They are first cousins and direct bloodline inheritors to the Garo armor. The armor itself was given to León at birth, making him the true heir to Garo. However, Alfonso is the only person that can wear the armor should León fail to fulfill his duties as a knight.


The Garo armor as originally worn by León.

A big difference in the armor is the appearance. The armor actually changes form relevant to its user. Because León often acted upon by his rage, his armor often appears engulfed in flames, with two stripes of robe that's tied to golden rings, and his facial armor is more reflective of his anger. The golden rings can be used for long range attacks, defense, and ensnaring objects. Due to the fact León still had trouble managing his emotions, he at times risk burning himself out as the flames of his own rage can at times overwhelm him. Unlike the original version, there's no time limit to how long the user can wear it, however, if the user loses himself from darkness, he can become a Lost Soul Beast. Like the live action version, it's a large beastial version of Garo that can even fire projectile energy that can set objects to fire on impact. Like the original, the only way to stop Garo in this form is by hitting the red triangle symbol on its belt. A strong enough force upon the triangle will cause the armor to remove itself from its user. After León lost the right to remain as Garo, Alfonso took the armor and title for himself as he was a worthier knight than León during that time.

When Alfonso wore the armor, it had a black and golden stripe cape instead. The armor looked less fearsome and more composed like Alfonso. However, the armor ever had the ability to upgrade its power through temporary spiritual powers. Overall, this version of Garo is less exalted, but still powerful to rival any knight in the battlefield.

In stark contrast to the live action version the armor where the mouth is decorative, the anime version is emotive & the mouth opens to facilitate roaring or biting.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit


Garo Crimson ver.

Raikou's Version

The earliest known user of the Garo armor is Minamoto no Yorimitsu, also known as Raikou.


Also known as Heart Destruction Beast Form Garo.

Popup raikou katsuragaroanime

Battle Formation

It features a design reminiscent of traditional Japanese armor. Kintoki refers to the Battle Formation state as Raikou's "true form." Raikou unlocked this when he surpassed his immaturity, and permanently broke the seal placed upon Zaruba by Seimei.


This is the first known permanent upgrade to the Garo armor. The third upgrade to last longer than one appearance. Also the third upgrade to be acquired without assistance from another person.

Winged Garo (Battle Formation)

Winged Garo Battle Formation

Seimei grants him the power to assume this form.


This is the second Winged Garo.

Previous Garo

Grandfather's Version

León & Alfonso's grandfather was shown to wear armor identical in shape to Master Garo of the live action series.


León's Original Armor

The armor features a more slender, angular appearance. It has long scarves ending in heavy rings, which are used to snare opponents. Implications are that León's bitter & angry disposition shaped the armor into sinister-looking version. The armor cracks dramatically on the left side when León dons it and these cracks continuously emit flames, which are only calmed after making a contract with Zaruba, with the cracks glow faintly instead.

Alfonso's New Garo Armor

León's Normal Armor

After León conquers the flames of the protective seal, the Garo armor takes on its natural appearance to reflect its owner's new mindset.

Lost Soul Beast Garo (anime)

Lost Soul Beast (Anime Version)

In contrast to his successors' versions, León's Lost Soul Beast Garo form has some differences in its design:

  • It has wolf heads instead of claws on the arms
  • Giant pauldrons
  • There is extra pieces on the back with unknown use or function
  • It can project fire out over an entire city & create a fire tornado


Also known as Heart Destruction Beast Form Garo.


Double Extreme Fusion Garo

In the final battle against Mendoza, León used both his father's and his own weapons to combine the Garo and Zoro armors into a powerful new form. The composite armor possesses emerald-colored Madō Fire wings, León's original Garo armor's scarves, and Zoro's chain reels and is capable of flight.

Alfonso's Garo

Alfonso's Version

Alfonso confiscated the armor after defeating León who had transformed into Lost Soul Beast Garo, it looks just like his grandfather's armor, except the crest which is located on the chest instead of the belt, and retains the cape from Gaia.


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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • León Luís has been seen with either green or red eyes during his time as Garo.
  • Alfonso San Valiante had blue eyes during his time as Garo.
  • Raikou had blue eyes during his time as Garo.

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