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Gajari is a powerful mysterious entity that has influence within the Makai Order.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Much about Gajari is unknown; he appears as a spiritual sphere and resides within his own dimension. He aligned himself with the Makai Order some time ago and maintains influence within the upper-echelon of the Order; he's not a servant of the Order nor has true concerns of the conflicts between light and darkness. His motives as well as reasons why the Order tolerates his existence remains unknown.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Although without a body, Gajari is a powerful entity that commands respect. He has the ability to surpress soul metal and Madōgus. He has the ability to teleport any person to any location to their choosing, even trapped within magical barriers. However, the full extend of his power is unclear as he is missing his body; should he restore his body, his powers can potentially be even greater.


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