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Gai Armor
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Gai Transforms
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Gai is a Makai Armor that specializes in archery combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title as the Sky Bow Knight or Sky Bow Knight Gai. The armor is currently wielded by Aguri Kusugami.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

This armor is primarily blue in coloration and while designed with generic attributes of Makai Armor. Little is known about the armor's creation aside the fact that it is created out of Zedom seed-based Soul Metal as the rest of the armors in Ryuga-verse. Like all makai armor, Gai is capable in using Blazing Armament. Because the armor also designed for archery combat, Gai possesses special ability to enhance its arrows with magical power to increase the arrow's range and damage. As its bow also possesses blades, Gai can engage enemies in melee combat as well.

Tools & EquipmentEdit

  • Gai Bow & Arrow - Unlike most armors which don by using their respective Makai Ken, Gai Armor is summoned with its dual bladed bow. Both bow and armor itself have magical power to enhance the arrow's firepower for more devastating attacks. On their own, the arrow can pierce weak walls and windows.


The armor has been in possession of Aguri Kusugami for quite some time and as with other Makai Armor in Ryūga-verse series, created from Zedom seed-based Soul Metal.

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  • Gai is completely 100% graphically made. Unlike previous armors, where there was at least a physical prop, the production crew utilized motion capture and CG rendering to feature Gai in the series.

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