Garo Gaiden: Smile is the story of Kaoru having a dream in which her thoughts stem from Kouga's world and those involved in the TV series.
Garo Gaiden


Kaoru awakens to find a man resembling Gonza. He tells her that he is a god of pictures and they are within her Demon World. She demands to leave, but the god sets her an ordeal to complete. Having done 1000 paintings, she can summon the gold pencil, but she must meet someone who loves her paintings first. Kaoru meets the canvas she drew Kouga on, which chases her. Later, she encounters her friend Asami, or rather, the Goddess of Painting in Asami's image. They fight over the Gold Pencil but the Goddess gets away with it. She soon meets three girls, a talkative Kodama and even human versions of Zaruba and Silva. Silva tries to kill her, but she soon runs into her mother. Her mother 'dies', but Kaoru comes to understand why her father left her the gold pencil.

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