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Vanishing Line is the third Anime Series produced by MAPPA. The story continues centuries after the events of Divine Flame. The series was released in October 2017 and ends on March 2017 in Japan.



Centuries has passed after the events of Divine Flame. The Makai Order survived Mendoza's wrath and has since successfully rebuild their organization into a modern covert paranormal clandestine service. While Garm still lives, everyone else has passed and the Kingdom of Valiante is no more. Set in a fictional alternative American continent, in modern times, Garo continues to protect people from Horrors. The modern blood inheritors of Garo are the Ragnvald family and their district is Russell City. Two past events will lead the Golden Knight to partner up with a teenage girl.

Over 10 years ago, Edward Ragnvald was killed by Horrors. He is survived by two children, his eldest son, Wilhem, and younger daughter, Lizzy. As blood heirs to Garo, Wilhem was next in line to become Garo and swore to protect Lizzy. The Makai Order supports the Ragnvald siblings as Wilhem goes through knight training. Several years would pass and Lizzy is now attending Russell City Middle School while tending to Wilhem's diet as he continues his path to succeed as Garo. Unfortunately, Wilhem's entire world would fall apart with the death of Lizzy.

Unknown to everyone, an ancient demon beast, King, has been covertly studying the technological developments of Cygnusram-Tech. Active since the days of Crimson Moon. He controlled a scientist and participated in its research and technological advancements. Intrigued by their development in bio-technological interfacing and virtual reality networks, King saw the technology's potential and infiltrated into their ranks to develop the El Dorado Project. However, the Makai Order caught wind of King's activities and dispatched knights to investigate into the matter. Not willing to lose his work, King created a massive explosion that destroyed Cygnusram-Tech to eliminate all evidence of his involvement and disappeared. Unfortunately, Lizzy's middle school was right next to the company. The ensuing explosion also destroyed the school, killing Lizzy in the process. Wilhem could only watch in shock and horror in the aftermath of the explosion that took Lizzy.

After Lizzy died, Garm reported to Wilhem about their investigation into Cygnusram-Tech and the only clue they got from their own investigation is the mention of El Dorado. Lost and distraught that his sister had died, Wilhem went into a destructive path for a time and lashed out his rage against Horrors as he mourned for Lizzy. Eventually though, Wilhem realized she wouldn't be happy to see him in his state and he had to live on for her. Eventually, Wilhem would succeed as the next Garo, code named Sword, and protector of Russell City. However, El Dorado will be a haunting clue for nearly a decade for him until he encountered another person investigating into the same thing as him.

Away from Russell City, a makai family, the Hardens, are training and protecting the forest from Horrors. Makai Alchemist Adelaide Harden and Silver Knight Christopher Harden are raising their son, Luke, in both disciplines of alchemy and knighthood. Luke originally had his heart set to succeed his father, but it became a family tragedy when his father turned to the dark side. Obsessed in becoming the strongest, Chris practiced the dark arts for more power and became corrupted. The only thing left to prevent his complete dark path is his family; Adelaide fought Chris, but was killed in combat. In her final words, she warned her son that true strength is gained from helping others. Luke survived the incident and decided to become an alchemist instead.

In the shadows, King successfully masked himself after the destruction of Cygnusram-Tech and saved the El Dorado Project. He later left Russell City and found his way to the GarEden Corporation to help continue his project. Through his efforts, he helped create El Dorado City and the Eldo Net system as an advanced telecommunications array. However, an effective interface system that can draw out a human soul into virtual system has yet to exist. Despite his best efforts, perfection of the technology would elude him until he discovered Martin Hennes

Over three years ago, the Hennes siblings, Martin and Sophie, lost their parents and became orphans. Although they had extended family, they were all selfish beings that saw no gain in adopting them and they were sent to an orphanage. Martin deeply loved his sister and wanted to find a way to give her happiness. A computer prodigy, he knew VR technology is on the rise and proposed an advanced cerebral scanning system through the retinal scanners of cell phones to make VR diving into a seamless process. This would allow people to immediately enter a virtual dimension; a world of incredible sensory experiences to create happiness and end suffering. King realized that Martin's work is the final piece to his puzzle and decided to hire him to help him complete his El Dorado Project.

Within minutes of the acceptance of his proposal, one of King's Three Blades, Queen, appeared and gave Martin the ring of King to control Martin. Queen offered him great rewards if he immediately accepted the job; Martin left Sophie in the dark. For the sake of Sophie's happiness, he left without saying goodbye to help bring his project to fruition. However, all of it was King's plans. Sophie would wake up to find Martin missing and only found a clue, mentioning El Dorado on his computer. This would begin her search for Martin, but her world would change when she encounters Garo.

Main StoryEdit

The story begins with a fateful encounter between Sophie and Sword. Sophie is currently 13 years old and it has been 3 years since Martin went missing. Desperate to find clues for Martin, she accidentally becomes the prey of the Horror Obsessian. As the current Garo, Sword saves Sophie and eventually slays Obsessian in an explosive battle, but he name-drops El Dorado before dying, causing Sophie to develop an immediate curiosity towards Sword as it is the first real clue she had about Martin after all this time. As daylight broke, the massive battle between Obsessian and Garo couldn't be ignored as there was too many people that witnessed the battle. To pacify the public and mask Garo's actions, Makai Alchemist Luke creates an instant rain to erase the memory of the civilians. Meeting Sword at the diner, Luke expresses his frustration towards him for being careless and even to involve Sophie, a civilian who has nothing to do with their world. Sword and Luke eventually manage to work together and slay the Horror Begand.

Some time later, Makai Alchemist Gina Evans attempted to break into the compound of Damian Steward, but it was too heavily guarded. To successfully break into Damian's HQ, which Gina suspected of housing a Horror, she enlisted the help of Sword. Gina enticed him to team-up when she mentioned the computation source might be able to lead him to El Dorado. After successfully breaking into the headquarters and slaying the Horror Aggregate, Gina assured her return if there was ever an interesting assignment and stiffs Sword with her tab.

Sophie eventually finds the Diner that Sword had taken her when they first met, but the waitress Chiaki wasn't cooperative in helping her find Sword. Sophie wanted to stay and wait for him, but was told she had to be a paying customer or she had to leave. Desperate for money to see Sword, she attempts to get money from Sister while in a Judo lesson with her. Although Sister senses it has something to do with Martin's case, she didn't give Sophie the money as it's considered a luxury. Focusing her efforts elsewhere, Sophie finds Marie Ripley, the younger sister to missing Father Thomas Ripley. It was while visiting Marie that Sword also appeared, but runs off before Sophie can catch up to him. While having dinner with Marie, it is eventually revealed that Marie became the Horror Rangrien and killed her brother, fortuneately Sophie is saved once again by Sword. In the fight, Sophie drops the church's bell to distract Rangrien long enough for Garo to cut her down. In the aftermath, Sword wonders why Sophie wants to know about El Dorado so badly and she explained about her brother's disappearance; she needs Sword's help to find Martin. Realizing their path are the same, Sword agreed to help Sophie.

Aftermath & EpilogueEdit

A year has passed since the defeat of King. Sophie was returned to the orphanage and resumed her teenage life. She is about 15 years old and life hasn't been entirely the same. Although her memories has been erased, her heart and mind has always felt as if she was missing something very important. Throughout this time, she would space out and experience feelings of missing someone or something important, Sword. One day, during Christmas, Sophie cut her finger and the sight of blood triggered her memories. As soon as Sophie remembered, she ran into her closet to search for her own hoodie she had wore during her travels with Sword. She was happy to find it and rediscover the pendant Gina gifted her earlier. Now fully awakened, she ran off to find Sword.

Sophie ran through the snow, desperate to see Sword. She made it back to the diner to find Gina there. Gina glad to know Sophie remembers their history and Sophie expressed great desire to become an alchemist herself. Garm and Gina welcome Sophie into the fold and express great excitement to see Sword again. As Sophie believe Sword is on mission, she wants to see Sword when she becomes a full-fledged alchemist, but the moment was awkward broken when Sword appeared. Sword was there from the start, but Garm made a terrible burger that gave him really bad diarrhea; he was stuck in the toilet the whole time. Although surprised to see Sophie, his stomach was still hurt him and he went back to poop.

With the strongest of evils defeated, the world has returned back to relative peace, but darkness still lingers. Bishop survived the events of the El Dorado Crisis and now seeks to enjoy his freedom. As Meifang manages the Chinese Restaurant, she has been impatient with everyone. She has feelings for Luke and wants to see him again. At the back of the kitchen, it has been revealed the three "old men" in the kitchen crew are actually handsome men, but none of them caught Meifang's attention like Luke did, but she wouldn't admit it to Feilong. At a French-like city, Luke has become a Makai Knight. He jumps into the air to take on the next horror, revealing a new silver armor.



  1. Sword
  2. Luke
  3. Gina
  4. Brother
  5. Ring
  6. Intricacy
  7. Scout
  8. Knight
  9. Setting Off
  10. Rebirth
  11. Kidnap
  12. Family
  13. God's Will
  14. Relic
  15. El Dorado
  16. Chance Meeting
  17. The Slant Lined
  18. Illusion
  19. Farewell
  20. Utopia
  21. Cause and Effect
  22. Yu Light
  23. My Sister
  24. Future

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