Garo 2nd Anime

The Crimson Moon (aka Guren no Tsuki) is the second installment within the Anime Series.


Set in the Japan's Heian Period.


  1. Onmyou (陰陽)
  2. Tied Sword (縁刀)
  3. Curse (呪詛)
  4. Kaguya (赫夜)
  5. Hakamadare (袴垂)
  6. Lurking Demon (伏魔)
  7. Mother Daughter (母娘)
  8. Brothers (兄弟)
  9. Shine and Ruin (光滅)
  10. 1/10th (一寸)
  11. Zanga (斬牙)
  12. Kyokuen (曲宴)
  13. Conflict (相克)
  14. Seimei (星明)
  15. Soul Moon (心月)
  16. Worst (最低)
  17. Sinister Evil (兇悪)
  18. Extinguished Star (星滅)
  19. Frenzy (繚乱)
  20. Vessel (依代)
  21. Duel (対決)

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  • A majority of the characters are fictional portrayals of real-life figures in the Heian Era or early Japanese myths.
  • Raiko VA is Masei Nakayama. Is same person who played Raiga Saejima on Garo Makai no Hana

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