GARO: Honō no Kokuin (GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames aka Garo the Animation) is the fifth installment within the GARO series. Unlike previous entries, it is an animated adaptation that is the start of a new continuity separate from the live action Garo shows & movies. It shares this continuity with it's successor and prequel series GARO: The Crimson Moon.


Set in the middle ages of a fictional kingdom of Valiante, an ambitious and arrogant Makai Priest named Mendoza created a Madō Tool called Zirkel's Circle that can control Horrors. But as Zirkel's Circle is powered by human blood, the priest believing it should be acceptable for them to have some normal people sacrificed as payment for the protection of all of humanity, Mendoza is excommunicated from the Makai Order and branded with a cursed mark that would be passed down his line. Posing as traveling monk, Mendoza managed to win a position in the court of King Fernando San Valiante and ended up being married to Angelina Gostilia. Unfortunately, upon the birth of his first child, Mendoza's past returns to haunt him as he is forced to slaughter his new family and the midwife to conceal his secret. This convinces Mendoza to take revenge on the Makai Order, recruiting Horrors into his service while placing an illness on King Fernando so he can target the resident Makai Knights and Makai Priests under the guise of a witch hunt.

Upon those captured were the Makai Priestess Anna who is the daughter of the Makai Knight who bore the tile of Golden Knight Garo and was with child. As she was being burned at the stake, Anna used her power to protect her newborn from the flames before her husband Germán Luís, the Shadow Cutting Knight Zoro, saved their child yet is forced to abandoned his wife to her death while fleeing the country with their son. However, due to the residual magic his mother cast on him, León Luís would remember the tragic events of his birth. Seventeen years later, having learned that León inherited the Garo armor, Mendoza arranged assassins to attack him and Germán as the two decide to return to Valiante and confront those responsible for Anna's death while dealing with the Horror infestation.

At the same time, Mendoza learns the king's son Alfonso San Valiante is of a Makai Knight bloodline through his mother Esmerelda and accused them of poisoning the king. Alfonso is forced to flee his own kingdom to find the "Knight of Light", only to meet Rafael Banderas, a Makai Knight bearing the title of Gaia who monitored the kingdom's developments from the shadows. Rafael reveals to Alfonso that Esmerelda is the youngest daughter of the previous Garo and agrees to train the prince to help him reclaim his throne, giving Alfonso his Makai Armor upon his death.

Eventually, León and Alfonso cross paths as the cousins work together to confront Mendoza. But when León's hatred towards the man who robbed him of his mother got the best of him, Alfonso is forced to take the Garo armor as his own to defeat the summoned Horror Bloodmoon before attempting to restore his kingdom to how it originally was. León, after attempting to take his own life as he lost his purpose and assumed dead, finds himself living with a family of farmers. After staying with them awhile, Leon finds himself smitten with the youngest girl of the family, Lara. When Alfonso comes to the neighboring lord's castle, he meets up with Leon and they discuss on what has changed. Leon admits that he had nothing to protect while he was a makai knight, and revenge was his only reason to fight. Now Leon wishes to protect Lara, and let her see the world. Unfortunately Lara is killed along with the rest of her family when a horror, Alfonso was tracking, appears. The horror is killed by Alfonso, but it has left Leon in despair at the loss of Lara. He is on the edge of being consumed by revenge, but is able to defeat his inner demons. He now wishes to protect the flowers and light that Lara wasn't able to see (She wants to see the world basically). After Alfonso tests Leon's new motives to make sure he won't live for revenge anymore, he returns the Garo armor to Leon.

By the time Leon reused Garo armor for killing a Horror that threated two children, it's revealed that Mendoza somehow survived and his father, Germán, was tasked to worked for him. Ema stated that since Mendoza is a Makai Alchemist like her, he likely found an unspecified method to teleported himself from Bloodmoon's stomach to prevent himself being digested by the Horror. When we see Mendoza once again, it's revealed that the technique costs an amount of his lifespan as his appearance became elderly.

Cast & CharactersEdit


Main Cast of Garo: Carved Seal of Flames


  1. Hellfire
  2. Divine Flame
  3. Zaruba
  4. Bloodville
  5. Gaia
  6. Black Knight
  7. Sorrow Beast
  8. Full Monty
  9. New Hope
  10. Fallen Blood
  11. Shadow Slasher
  12. Blood Moon
  13. Daybreak
  14. Burning Ashes
  15. Geste
  16. Project G
  17. Cure
  18. Snow Fall
  19. Scar Flame
  20. Tempest
  21. Double Dealer
  22. Knights
  23. Deadly Focus
  24. Doom
  25. Chiastolite

Theme songEdit

  • Opening Theme
    • "Hono no Kokuin -DIVINE FLAME-" (炎ノ刻印 -DIVINE FLAME-)
      • Episodes: 1 - 12
      • Lyrics: Masami Okui
      • Composer: Hiroshi Kitadani
      • Arranger: Kenichi Sudō
      • Singer: JAM Project
    • "B.B."
      • Episodes: 14 - 25
      • Lyrics: Hironobu Kageyama 
      • Composer: Yoshiki Fukuyama, Hironobu Kageyama
      • Arranger: Miyake Hirofumi, Kenichi Sudo
      • Singer: JAM Project
  • Closing Theme
      • Episodes: 1 - 12
      • Lyrics, Singer: Sayaka Sasaki
      • Composer: Takaha Tachibana
      • Arranger: Takaha Tachibana, Yōsei Teikoku
    • "FOCUS"
      • Episodes: 14 - 25
      • Lyrics, Singer: Showtaro Morikubo
      • Composer, Arranger: R.O.N.

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