Divine Flame is the animated movie continuation of The Carved Seal of Flames.



Five years ago, before the primary events of The Carved Seal of Flames, the Kingdom of Vazelia was destroyed. It was a small beautiful kingdom in a lake in the mountains of Helene. Within the kingdom was Princess Sara Vazelia and her personal guard, Dario Montoya. A royal guard as well as a Makai Knight, Dario was enamored by Sara's beauty and admired her from a distance. One unfortunate night, a Horror attacked Sara and attempted to devour her, but she resisted. Sara had enough strength to hold off the horror long enough for Dario to save her life, but she was horrifically disfigured. The demon's saliva was acidic and burned her face as she held off the demon. Although alive, her disfigurement was a deep mental and emotional shock. She covered her face with a veil and became a recluse.

One night, she single-handedly burned the entire kingdom down (apparently a deranged princess committing arson couldn't be stopped by anyone). Dario was stricken with guilt for his failure to protect Sara when she needed him; he allowed Sara to burn the kingdom down. Sara told Dario to leave, but his guilt and oath as a knight motivates him to stay at her side. She resisted Dario as she doesn't want anyone to get close to her and see her face; Dario decided to cut out his own eyes to help her feel comfortable for him to continue his duty to protect her. He looked after Sara for about four years, but she ultimately couldn't live her life like this and decided to end her own life. Sara thanked Dario's loyalty and she dropped herself into the lake to end everything. However, Dead Tower Horror Nigra Venus had arisen from the lake and took over Sara's body.

Merging with the horror, Sara's beauty was restored, but as a ghastly lure. Unsuspecting men that travel into Vazelia will encounter Sara as a naked beauty and she would devour the men by a freezing kiss. She would kiss the male victim, freeze their body, shatter them into pieces, absorb the ice. With women, Nigra Venus would fold out her face, revealing a large tongue-mouth in which it will latch onto the victim and kill by ripping the victim's face off. For almost half a year, Nigra Venus has been taking victims in this fashion, creating the legend of The Demon of Vazelia Lake. With Dario out of contact to the Makai Order, Garm dispatched two knights to investigate into Vazelia. The actual events begin here.

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Four years has passed since the terror of mad Makai Alchemist Mendoza. Due to Prince Alfonso San Valiante's rebuilding efforts, the kingdom has been restored to its former glory. With Mendoza gone, witchcraft persecution has ceased and the Makai Order was able to recover from near extinction. After German's death, Ximena gave birth to their son, Roberto , León's three year old half-brother. As Golden Knight Garo, León continues to protect the kingdom while training his baby brother in between. León has been preparing Roberto to succeed as the next Zoro. With the two knights protecting Valiante, a new era of peace and happiness has been ushered throughout the kingdom. However, a new dark force threatens the peace.

The story begins with Alfonso sneaking out of the castle to spend time with León and Roberto. Castle life has been exhausting to him and he wanted to see his extended family to let off some steam. León has been strict with Roberto's dual sword training to help toughen him up, but Alfonso was worried as Roberto often cries over training. Just as the two bicker over how to raise Roberto, the kid starts to cry over the fact the adults are fighting. Near the inn, Ximena talks to Jiruba about Roberto's soft nature, concerned he won't succeed as the next Zoro. Jiruba remarks Roberto's skill isn't what's needed to become a knight and Ximena feels it's okay Roberto doesn't become a knight; she wanted German to meet their son. At the aqueducts, with Roberto resting, León explains he's tough on Roberto due to the harsh path of being a knight; León didn't want Robert to repeat his past mistakes. Although Alfonso understands León's reasons (as Rafael also subjected Alfonso to harsh training), he wonders will he be really happy following the path of a makai knight. The cousins returned to the inn with Roberto when Ximena revealed an Orders Document.

At the hidden lair of Garm, the two have been assigned to investigate Vazelia. Dead Tower Horror Nigra Venus has been living there for half a year now and the Makai Knight that has been assigned there has gone missing. Garm had sent two knights prior before tasking the cousins to look into Vazelia, but she only recovered their severed hands, still holding their swords. On top of that, one of Mendoza's Zirkel's Ring has returned. The souls that were devoured by Horrors and fell to the Makai world are coming back. Resurrection of the dead goes against the order of nature and Garm warns that if more continues to come through the gateway, it would distort time and space, possibly affecting the past as well. Just as the two were about to leave, Garm cryptically mentioned she has brought special backup just for the two of them.

After the meeting, León headed home when he realized the inn was trashed and Roberto missing. A group of un-dead thralls had kidnapped Roberto and León gave chase. León found Ximena and borrowed Jiruba to help him track down Roberto. At one of the gates of the citadel, León fought the thralls and was nearly overwhelmed when Zem, Dario, assisted León. Dario knew where the thralls were going: to an old temple west from Valiante. Dario explained the thralls were created by the horror he's after. Dario offered direction and assistance as both have similar objectives. However, Zaruba was wary of Dario's intentions.

While traveling to Vazelia, Alfonso encountered Ema Guzmán. The council had given her orders to investigate Vazelia as well; the two entered Vazelia together. Meanwhile, nearing the abandoned temple, León was shocked to find his father attempting to get free sex from a prostitute. Pulling him away from the crowd and on the rooftop, German explained Garm temporarily brought him back to the living. Using her body as a medium, Garm use her life and energy to bring German back to quickly settle the Vazelia investigation.

German revealed that it was Garm that secretly violated against orders to destroy Zirkel's Ring. Garm believed the tool could help turn the tied in battle during Mendoza's rise to immortality, but secretly hidden it to avoid discovery. Unfortunately, the ring somehow ended up in the hands of the enemy. If the ring gets activated, only an undead like German can cross the gate to stop it. However, German isn't concerned with Garm's plan nor Zirkel's Ring. He's more worried about Roberto.

The trio made it to the old cathedral to look for Roberto. To their surprise, a humanoid dragon tool attacks them. Dario attempts a head kill, but was knocked to the wall. León attempted to cut the dragon down, but nearly got roasted in the process. German is desperate to save Roberto and ask León to give him his blades, however, León is concerned as his father is slowly turning into a Horror. Jiruba interjects and tell León it's okay to give German his blades; she'll warn León when will German become a horror and encourage him to kill German when he does. Both son and father both charge into battle in their respective armors while Dario observed. Zoro helped hold down the dragon while Garo cut down its body parts. Garo defeated the Madōgu and German went after the thrall that holds his son. Just as German thought he saved his son, it's revealed to be a fake doll and Dario is seen activating his armor before escaping. The bomb detonated and destroyed the building, however, Garm protected the knights with a light barrier and the two gave chase.

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