Fujiwara no Yasusuke (藤原 保輔)
Zanga the White-Lotus Knight (白蓮騎士・斬牙(ザンガ) Byakuren Kishi Zanga)
011 05
Family: Yasumasa (brother)

Yasusuke is a member of the Fujiwara clan despite not feeling like a noble like the rest of his kin, later forfeiting his title while donning the alias of Hakamadare (袴垂). He also revealed to be the Makai Knight known as Zanga the White-Lotus Knight (白蓮騎士・斬牙(ザンガ) Byakuren Kishi Zanga).

Personality & CharacterEdit

Skills & AbilitiesEdit


As the story opens, Yasusuke is a member of the Heian-kyō police force who is overcome with the pressures of his linage and the aristocracy's neglect of common citizens. Yasusuke relinquishes his title and name to become the bandit leader Hakamadare to steal from the rich.

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