Eyrith 5
  • The Tears of Messiah
  • Black Death Demon Flower

Eyrith is the featured Horror in The Makai Flower. She is a legendary Horror that earned the moniker of The Tears of Messiah and Black Death Demon Flower. Unlike other Horrors, she's a plant-based demonic entity and have powers and abilities unique to only herself.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Like many Horrors, Eyrith is pure evil and acts on her base instinct to bloom.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As a plant, Eyrith can manipulate her overall body mass to produce a construct and various weapons from her main body. But among the most powerful of Horrors, able to look into the mind of those ensnared in her vines or that she can possess, Eyrith also has the power to manipulate time itself. This power ranges from creating portals in various time periods to sucking out the remaining time that a Makai Knight has left in his armor.


The originator of the Makai Trees, Eyrith was sealed long ago by the Makai Priests within the Ady Slate created from using nine Horrors as foundation stones. However, the Ady Slate was lost to myth until was found in present day by archaeologists. The slate ended up in a museum as an archaeological relic until Eiji Busujima, who believed the legend that Eyrith's bloomed state, the Makai Flower, can bring back his lover Akari, broke the seal and unleased the Horrors that formed the Ady Slab as they each took the first human host they come across.

Eyrith Seed

Eyrith in her seed state.

Trapped in the form of a seed until she is able to bloom within a hundred days, Eyrith resided deep in the body of Idora as she and other Ady Slab Horrors were being hunted by Raiga Saezima and Mayuri, the latter able to seal Eyrith. But as Raiga learned from his confrontation with Idora, Eyrith can transfer herself into another Ady Slab Horror like she did with Gogeet as Raiga sees slaying all the Ady Slate Horrors would be needed to corner Eyrith. However, when Eyrith transfers into the last Ady Slate Horror Jienda as the day of her blooming is near, Eyrith's seed is extracted by Busujima as he forms a pact to protect the Horror in return for a cloned body of Akari that will come to life once Eyrith blooms. But as Busujima fights off Raiga, Eyrith acts on her whim and possesses Crow to reach the location where she must be to bloom while wounding Busujima when he decides his deal with the Horror is not worth Crow's possession.

Eyrith 3

Eyrith assuming her nearly bloomed state.

Raiga pursues Crow, disarming him so he can save him before Eyrith leaves his body and assumes a human-like form before growing into a giant tree and using her power to absorb all Horrors from time and space. With Mayuri unable to seal Eyrith until her unbloomed bulb is destroyed, Raiga attempts to perform the deed before facing a construct of Eyrith. During the losing fight, Raiga learns that Eyrith is the one responsible for the disappearance of his parents Kouga Saezima and Kaoru Mitsuki before she sucks his remaining time in the Garo armor to turn him into her personal defender against Crow and Mayuri.

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  • Eyrith is portrayed by Momoko Kuroki (黒木 桃子 Kuroki Momoko)

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