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Madou Ring Eruba
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Eruba is a heirloom madō ring that belongs to the Flash Knight Lord; his current master is Reo Fudō.

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Eruba belonged to the Fudō clan and served for at least two (and likely many) generations under their family. He originally served under Gōki Fudō, the previous Flash Knight, until his death. Afterwards, Reo became the next Flash Knight and he became Eruba's new master.

Makai ChroniclesEdit

In the events of Makai Chronicles, Reo had decided to keep his knight status a secret; the Makai Order and everyone else only knows him as a talented Makai Priest and had him perform research & development within the senate grounds. During this whole time, Eruba would quietly remain within Reo's pouch until Sigma Fudō revealed himself.

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