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Enhou Madou Horror Form
  • SG1 Handgun

Enhō (or Enhou) is the commander of SG1 in Volcity. Though human when Ryuga met her, Enhou is later turned into a Madō Horror.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Enhou is the female commander of the Kaneshiro Group's private special forces task force SG1 (Security Guardian 1). She is not sure of the significance of the appearances of Horrors in Vol City, but she suspects Ryuga to be behind it somehow. However, after being turned into a Madō Horror, Enhou becomes a warped version of herself with a desire to kill Ryuga.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Enhou is a highly trained officer of SG1; she's trained in martial arts and various forms of peace-keeper weapons. While not up to the level of a Makai Knight, Enhou can still hold her own against the likes of Ryuga Dogai. Enhou prefers close quarters combat (CQC); she prefers hand-to-hand combat or knife combat.

After being turned into a Madou Horror, she now has the abilities of a Horror. Enhou utilized her preference for knives and can rip a part of her skin to form it into a large dagger for combat.

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Since childhood, Enhou desired to protect people and preserve justice which led to her membership into SG1 and later meeting Ryuga, seeing the man and a murderer before learning of his mission as a Makai Knight. Unfortunately, by that time, Enhou is forcefully made into a Madou Horror by Tousei. Having dreams of feeding on men, Enhou realize her turned nature when she devours her subordinate and boyfriend Yoshitomi. From there, Enhou acted consciously against her will to serve Tousei in any way like aiding in the slaughtering of his family and brfriended Rian.

Eventually, when Ryuga saves Rian from becoming the mother of a new batch of Madou Horrors at the cost of awakening Zedom, Enhou pursues the two and dies fighting them. After hearing Enhou's last thoughts as a human through her necklace, Rian assumes Enhou's form as she and Ryuga arranged it to expose Rivera as she truly is while making it seem that Enhou is murdered by a Madou Horror right before the SG1. This act enables the Makai Knights to gain the SG1's support with Rian, now wearing Enhou's necklace in memory of her friend, intending to ensure her friend's dream for Volcity is not in vain and that no one will suffer her fate.


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  • Enho is potrayed by Hiroko Sato (佐藤 寛子 Satō Hiroko?),who has also portrayed Kaori Nose in Madan Senki Ryukendo and Ai Yashiro,Toko Yashiro in Kamen Rider Decade

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