Elda 2
Portrayed By:
  • Makai Guide Elda
  • Shinji (Fiancé|KIA)

Elda is a Makai Guide and turned dark servant to Barago. She is featured in Kiba Side Story in the final events of Chapter of the Black Wolf; the fate of the character is unknown.

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  • Able to predict the future with her tarot cards


Elda (エルダ Eruda?) is a Makai Guide who supported Barago, able to predict the future with her tarot cards. In the past, she was a partner to a Makai Knight named Shinji (シンジ?) and was in love with him. However, that changed when the two are sent to find the remains of the Horror Gyanon, with Elda having a sense of dread from her cards. The dread would be revealed when Shinji is slaughtered by the two Makai Knights accompanying them. Horrified, Elda is fatally wounded with her final moments filled with hatred for everyone while knowing that the Horror's corpse has been moved in secret. But when Barago arrived, killing the Makai Knights in his own search for Gyanon, he offers to save Elda. She accepted his offer to join his cause and was infused with new life from the energies of Horrors that he absorbed. After Kaoru was kidnapped, a jealous Elda was entrusted to look after the girl until Barago finished the preparations.

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  • Barago: Refers to him as "Master Barago" in her flashback sequence.

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  • Elda is bilingual as she told her story to Kaoru in fluent English.
  • As one of the antagonists of the Garo series, human, Horror, or otherwise, whether Elda survives after Brago's death has not been revealed at this time.

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