Eiji Busujima
GaroHana eiji2
Portrayed By:
  • Giru Sword

Eiji Busujima is Giru the Evil Bones Knight in GARO: The Makai Flower. He's the leader of a Phantom Makai Knights platoon; Eiji is also a Senatorial Makai Knight. He's the rogue knight that freed Eyrith in an attempt to save his fallen love, Priestess Akari.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Eiji was a dedicated knight and faithfully served the Makai Order for many years as a Phantom Makai Knight and Senatorial Knight. Things would dramatically change when his lover, Makai Priestess Akari, was dying from illness. Angered by the fact he dedicated a lifetime to protect the innocent, but unable to save Akari, he turned his back on his vows as a knight to suit his needs. Desperate to save Akari, he would dare to use any method, even if it's dark forces, to save Akari. Unfortunately, Akari's body couldn't hold anymore. Unwilling to let her go, he concocted a highly ambitious plan: use the Seed of Eyrith to resurrect Akari. Eiji heard of the legend of Eyrith's ability to bring back the dead. Desperate to bring Akari back, Eiji freed Eyrith in attempts to control the Horror to serve his needs. Unfortunately,t he process failed and now he must atone for his actions.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Eiji is a highly skilled knight. Despite being middle-aged, his combat capabilities rivals that of the younger Raiga Saezima (Garo). Trained to use magic (likely from Akari), Eiji can cast various illusionary spells, seals, and barrier techniques against his target.

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