Darkness Hunters or Darkness Slashers are a secret group of priest hunters that track down and prosecute people within the Makai realm.

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Darkness hunters (or slashers) are a group of Makai Priests that has been trained to handle corrupted individuals within their own order. Because priests and knights are often exposed to darkness, certain individuals eventually lose to the very dark forces they fight against. Horrors have been known to possess knights and/or priests. All is revealed when they use the Soul Insertion Technique to validate purity of a target's soul. Once the person's heart is corrupted, they are beyond saving and pose a serious threat to the order unless if that person still have light in them. They have all the person's knowledge and experience to cause serious havoc upon their organization. Other people suffer from personality corruption through extended exposure to negative energies, causing them to personify the worst side of their natures. Some may have tampered with the dark arts and unknowingly become corrupted themselves. It is such people that has proven a major problem in the past and the hunters are trained to defeat such individuals to neutralize their darkness.

Neither respected nor trusted by their own kind, the hunters act as the Makai Order's internal affairs unit and has the power to kill any corrupted individuals they see fit. Because their job is solely dedicated to taking down corrupted individuals and not Horrors, they are treated as pariahs. It's their job to be impartial and the hunters makes minimize bonds with people and carries a high degree of suspicion amongst their own. Working mainly as solo operatives, they have no partners and its considered very rare to work in teams. The full description of their group is not fully defined as there's only limited information.


Much of history about Darkness Hunters remained unclear as much as Phantom Makai Knights. They are formes in order to persecute and handle corrupted individuals in Makai Order instead of Horrors, earning them notorious reputation and viewed as pariah.

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