Reijirō Kunugi

Dantarian (ダンタリアン?, 11): A neon-green stag beetle Horror that possesses a con artist gambler named Reijirō Kunugi (椚 礼次郎 Kunugi Reijirō?), tricking people to play a fixed coin game and after they lost, sealed their souls inside a coin. After he takes Kaoru, he brings Kouga into his alternate realm with three games of chance to save Kaoru's soul. After the third, Dantarian assumes his true form out of rage to lower himself to physical combat and is defeated by Garo. However, the Horror sets up a final challenge for Kouga upon his death that Kouga manages to succeed. Kunugi is portrayed by Jay Kabira (川平 慈英 Kabira Jei?).

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