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Crow Armor
Crow Transform
Crow Flight
  • Crow the Phantom Knight
  • Orva
  • Geneiken (幻影剣, Phantom Sword)

Crow is a midnight blue Makai Armor that specializes in ninjato and flight combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Crow the Phantom Knight (幻影騎士・吼狼(クロウ) Gen'ei Kishi Kurō, lit. "Howling Wolf"). This armor is currently wielded by a man who has named himself after this armor.

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This Makai armor is midnight blue in color and less ornate than most Titled Knights. The most notable feature of the armor is its capability of sprouting wings for flight, although this power's activation sacrifices twenty seconds of use of the armor to summon them. Due to the inherent risk of the armor lifting during aerial combat and causing him to fall to his death, Crow rarely uses this ability. The armor also has abilities generic to Makai Armor including resistance to both magical and physical attacks. Other than flight ability, the armor lacks any special powers whatsover.

The "wolf ears" on the helmet are capable of folding downwards to serve as a visor when in flight.



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