Eiichi Anan

Cigarein (シガレイン Shigarein?, 1): A tricky Cigarette Horror (煙草ホラー Tabako Horā?) that inhabits an antique cigarette lighter owned by a murderous military officer, his method of feeding being to invoke internal combustion in his victims and swallow the airborne ashes. Cigarien's lighter eventually ends up in the possession of Eiichi Anan (阿南 英一 Anan Eiichi?), a petty crook who makes an enemy out of a mob boss named Katagiri by stealing his money. Making Anan an offer to save him in return for his soul, Cigarein possesses the man before slaughtering Katagiri and his entourage. Cigarein then proceeds to devour those who are considered to be scum of society before being found by Kouga. Though he repeatedly tries to weasel out of his fight with Kouga, Cigarein is forced to assume his true war-themed armored form before Garo cuts him down. Anan's soul endures a bit before Garo stabs the soul into oblivion. Anan is portrayed by Naoto Takenaka (竹中 直人 Takenaka Naoto?).

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