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Kain is a Makai Priest and Yuna's partner who was formerly Kuroudo's partner.

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Despite appearing goofy and laid-back, it is actually a front with which he hides his pain and sorrow. He was with Kuroudo when they got Ring cornered, but he was unable to prevent his partner from being killed by the powerful Horror. Distraught and wracked with guilt, he conceded to Yuna's wish of having a bone from Kuroudo's severed hand implanted in her hand despite knowing the act to be a bad idea, as while it allows her to use Kuroudo's Makai Sword, it also puts a tremendous strain on her body.

He is somewhat of an alcoholic and can often be seen drinking beer when not fighting. Unlike most priests of his time, he seldom uses his brush and wields a Madō Umbrella (魔導傘 Madōgasa) all the time in battle. The umbrella can be used as both a shield and a shotgun.

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  • Cain is portrayed by Naoki Takeshi (武子 直輝 Takeshi Naoki?)

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