Boara (菩阿羅?, 11): A Horror in the service of the Kaneshiro Group who is based at the nightclub Paradaice. Able to read the minds of others and assume the form of what they desire, Boara lulls her victims into a moment of weakness and turns them into a vapor she consumes. Her victims are mostly men who the Kaneshiro Group are disposing of before Ryuga and Rian destroy Boara and her business.


Boara is portrayed by Nao Oikawa (及川 奈央 Oikawa Nao?), while her naked young woman, mature woman, and plump woman forms are portrayed by Mana Sakura (紗倉 まな Sakura Mana?), Kyoko Hayami (速水 今日子 Hayami Kyōko?), and Naru Nashio (なしお 成 Nashio Naru?).

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