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Bikū is a Makai Priestess purposed as a Darkness Hunter in the events of The Makai Flower. She makes her return in Bikū Darkness Slasher and Makai Tales.

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Biku is a Darkness Hunter. It's unclear how she become one, but once she did, she became social outcast due to the fact she hunts people and not Horrors. Made into a pariah due to her job, she righteously believe her responsibilities is a necessary one to keep people in line and neutralize all threats from dark corruption. So deep in her conviction that she would take down her own fallen brother, Izumo, who lost his way and corrupted by a Horror. However, Biku is by no means a cruel person.

She has respect for the strong and shows mercy to the desperate. Biku is willing to let go of former transgressions if the person shows a real change for the good. In her brief encounter with Raiga, she has proven herself a worthy ally and won their trust. Despite gaining respect from her peers, she often leads a hermit lifestyle, always training and moving on to the next potential threat.

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Biku is a trained Makai Priestess, but made into a Darkness Hunter. As such, her sensitivity to sensing dark intentions is greater than priests and knights. Although trained in the offensive magical arts against Horrors, her skills has been re-purposed to take down corrupted members of makai society. Because of this, her combat strength rivals that of knights and the strongest of priests with autonomous permission by the Makai Order to neutralize any who stray into darkness.

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