Azdab (アズダブ Azudabu)
Sekiya (セキヤ)
Azdab 2
  • A swarm of piranha

Azdab is a fish-like Yin-Self Horror which is one of the nine Horrors freed from the slate that uses their malice to seal the legendary Horror Eyrith. This Horror loves to scares his victims before devouring them. His host Sekiya is portrayed by Yūki Himura (日村 勇紀 Himura Yūki).


Azdab is freed from the the Ady Slate when a mysterious person destroy the slate using Madou Art technique. Upon his freedom, Azdab possesses the body of the museum security guard Sekiya after sensing the human's inner darkness from having murdered a man. From there, Azdab proceeds to scare his victims with his water-based body before manifesting a swarm of piranha to eat them alive. Eventually, Azdab is followed by Mayuri and attempts to scare her after sunset. Surprised by the girl's lack of response, Azdab is attacked by Raiga Saezima and is easily killed by the Makai Knight with his essence congregates into a stone that Mayuri absorbs to seal the Horror.


A prankster, Azdab uses a combination of illusions and altering his water-like body mass to scare his potential prey. Once his prey is scared, Azdab conjures a swarm of piranha from his body to consume his victim. However, despite having moderate skills, Azdab is not a good fighter as he was quickly killed off.


In the series storyline, Azdab is the 1st of the nine Horrors used as the foundation to seal Eyrith in the Ady Slate to be captured, though he is not the carrier of Eyrith's seed.

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