Ashiya Dōman (蘆屋道満)
Occupation: current Ashiya Dōman

An onmyōji who appears to have some control over the Horrors, his name actually a title he inherited from his mentor Priest Dōma.


Born in the Fujiwara Clan, making him Fujiwara no Michinaga's brother, the infant was scarred and cast out of the clan. But he survived and became an apprentice under Priest Dōma, succeeding him and taking his title for his name. He would later murder Dōma with the intention to awaken the Horror Rudra, allowing the Horror to devour him upon her revival. But when Raikou enters Rudra to cut him down, he realizes that Douman has not been completely consumed as he escapes Rudra's death. The two proceed to settle this in a final duel with Douman swiftly defeated by a reluctant Raikou. In his final moments, Douman accepts the light as he fades away in Seimei's arms.


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