Angrey (アングレイAngurei)
Tasuke Taniyama (谷山 太輔 Taniyama Tasuke)
Tasuke Taniyama

Anglay is a paint-themed Yin-Self Horror able to bring artwork to life and used them in his traps. The monster has a taste for young women, liquifying them into paint for consumption. Its host Taniyama is portrayed by Toru Minegishi (峰岸 徹Tōru Minegishi)



Anglay's natural form

Using a female nude portrait as a Gate when the gallery owner Tasuke Taniyama touched it, Anglay possesses the human's body and targets females who enter the gallery with Kaoru as a potential meal. However, the appearance of Kouga Saezima forces Anglay to lockdown the art exhibit. In the fight with Kouga, Anglay bursts out from its host and manifests itself into a painting to assume its evolved state until being forced back into its original form. Garo kills it and Kaoru stained by the Horror's blood as a result.


Angrey's minions

Angrey's familiar

Other than barriers, Angrey can create servants to assist him.


  • Angrey is the first Horror to be introduced in the overall series, the storyline explaining that Angrey was the 12th Horror to appear during the chain of events caused by Barago.

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