Priest Amon (阿門法師, Amon Hōshi) is a Makai Priest who helped Taiga in creating anti-Horror weapons, spells and devices. Amon was the one who created Zaruba and later serviced Kouga.

Amon is portrayed by Akaji Maro (麿 赤児, Maro Akaji).
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Amon loves drinking red sake and playing Bar Chess, wagering 10 years of life to the winner of the game.

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Game Reunion with KougaEdit

Amon never completed his game with Taiga and waited 20 years for Kouga to replace his father. As Kouga nearly lost, Amon told him to return again to play another time.

Death & AfterlifeEdit

It wasn't long that he was murdered under mysterious circumstances and the Watchdogs fingered the murder to his proud student Jabi. He died holding a chess piece Koma, cluing that his killer was a Makai Knight, likely Barago. He contacted Rin to help him deliver a message to Kouga relating to Jabi.

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