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Amily is a corrupted Makai Priestess in GARO: Gold Storm Flight. She's the wife to corrupted Makai Knight Jinga, both have been turned into Horrors and aim to bring the world into darkness.

Character & PersonalityEdit

While a Horror, able to project insect legs from her body or produce blue butterflies that serve as a means to communicate with other Horrors, Amily also possesses her skills as a Makai Priestess.


Jinga's wife, Amily was once a Makai Priestess until she fell into darkness and turned into a Horror. Supporting Jinga's cause, Amily uses her powers to create Inga Gates in buildings and objects. Amily also played a role in the death of Mina by destroying the barrier that Rian set up while she and Ryūga Dōgai were hunting Bukeri.

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