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Amily is a corrupted Makai Priestess in GARO: Gold Storm Flight. She's the wife to corrupted Makai Knight Jinga, both have been turned into Horrors and aim to bring the world into darkness.

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Trained as a Makai Priest, Amily excels in various spells, barriers, and magical arts. Upon becoming Horror, her magical power amplified to the point of capable in besting multiple Makai Priest and even best two Makai Knight in their armored form at once. Her speed, strength, and durability surprisingly equal seasoned Makai Knights, but her physical prowess further bolstered when she sprouts four flexible insectoid limbs from her back. Aside bladed insectoid limbs, her Horror transformation endowed her variety of dark powers such as opening a number of Inga Gates in areas that have little to no malevolence build-ups as well as conjuring and/or disperse into demonic blue butterflies at will. Individual butterflies noted to have considerable magic power on its own, as one easily break magical barrier put by Rian as if it nothing.

  • Tainted Makai Brush: Amily's weapon of choice is her red-colored Makai Brush. The brush's power has been bolstered and darkened by its owner's Horror transformation, making it more powerful than normal Makai Brushes.
  • Dark Mirror -
  • Bladed Limbs: Like Jinga who lacked traditional Demon Beast form as his true Horror form being Demon Beast Armor-clad Horror, Amily's true form looked identical with her human form except she has four razor-sharp, bladed insectoid limbs that can cut through steel and concrete. Aside enhancing her mobility and enable her to move in three dimensional space, Amily can deliver successive rapid slashes and stabs with them.
  • Demon Butterflies: Amily can conjure and/or disperse into multiple demonic blue butterflies at will. Serving as extension of her will, the butterflies serve as her familiars and able to perform variety of tasks including sending messages to other Horrors, confusing and deterring enemies in combat, and breaking barrier. Even individual butterflies shown to very powerful on its own, as one easily dispel Rian's powerful barrier like a paper.


Jinga's wife, Amily was once a Makai Priestess until she fell into darkness and turned into a Horror. Supporting Jinga's cause, Amily uses her powers to create Inga Gates in buildings and objects. Amily also played a role in the death of Mina by destroying the barrier that Rian set up while she and Ryūga Dōgai were hunting Bukeri.

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