Alice Hiromi
Alice 3
Alice Hiromi in Noir Picture
Alice & Egg
Alice Hiromi with Dragon Egg
Alice & Loop
Alice Hiromi & Loop
  • Bartender
  • Bakura's Assistant
  • Dead - Died After Loop's Death
  • Unknown

Alice Hiromi is the curious photographer that became the adopted mother of Makai Dragon Loop in the events of Dragon Blood.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Hiromi (尋海 アリス Hiromi Arisu) is a girl who likes photography and is attracted to beautiful things and scenes. Her parents died when she was little. She is looking for the Dragon Egg.

Because she is the one who sealed the cage around the Dragon Egg, her handprint is the only one that can unlock the cage again, making her a target for Edel. Edel later kidnaps her and forces her to release the egg, but she escapes with it and delivers it to Rei and Rekka. When she is told that someone from the Senate will arrive to dispose of the egg, she takes it and runs away. When the Dragon Egg finally hatches, she takes it upon herself care for the newborn dragon, which she names Loop (ループ Rūpu) after Bakura's bar, Lupo.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Despite apparently being an ordinary human, she possesses a moderate awareness of the Makai world and Horrors.


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