Ryūnosuke Takamine (original)
Ryūnosuke Takamine

Agturus (アグトゥルス Aguturusu?, 9): A Horror that inhabits a makeup box, altering appearances to whatever suits him. Agturus possesses the body of Ryūnosuke Takamine (高峯 龍之介 Takamine Ryūnosuke?), an aged frail janitor at a theater who was once a star stage actor in the play The Sword of Arcite. His frustration over a flamboyant actor ruining the play as the lead attracts the Horror. After being possessed with his youth restored, Ryūnosuke devours the other actor and takes the stage for his own. Kouga eventually buys all the tickets to one of his plays one night to have a showdown with him, eventually cutting him down. Takamine is portrayed by Mayo Kawasaki (川崎 麻世 Kawasaki Mayo?).

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