Ago Unmasked
Ago Armor 4
Ago Transform
Agō Transforming
Portrayed By:
  • Sword
  • Foot Clamp
  • Mechanical Tentacles
  • Broad Sward
  • Katar
  • Rocket Boosters

Agō is an advanced humanoid Madōgu of Makai Priest Sōtatsu in the events of Gold Storm. Agō was defeated in battle against Mad Horror Degor, but reawakened in modern times to continue his mission to wipe out the Horror threat.

Personality & CharacterEdit

A testament to Makai Priest Sōtatsu's genius, Agō was the most advanced madō humanoid tool created. A sentient tool, Agō is a self-thinking machine that shares the same interest as his creator's dream to create a Horror-free world. After suffering major damage from Mad Horror Degor, Agō put himself into stasis until he could repair himself; he wouldn't awaken until modern times when a bolt of lightening reawakened him. However, those centuries of slumber gave him time to think and he realized the only way to ever erase the Horror blight would mean eliminating humanity. For without humanity, Horrors would have no resources to multiply nor exist. However, in his final moments, he sided with humanity one last time by helping Garo defeat the resurrected Degor.

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